About Us

We are a Secondary Aluminum Recycler

 MOST, INC. has two facilities, one located in Troy, MO and the second in Jackson TN, which receive, process, and melt aluminum scrap to produce high quality molten and solid aluminum alloy products for use by other industries, including the production of automobile parts. MOST, INC. is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements by providing the highest quality product through innovative technology and by our dedication to our Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

We strive to: 

  • Provide our customers with a quality product and prompt, courteous, and efficient service at a competitive price by employing the most innovative technology, optimization of total costs, and dedication to continuous improvement. 
  • Propose solutions to our customers based on our dedication to their continued success and our desire to create long term relationships.
  • Maintain our standing in the community as a highly respected corporate citizen through economic and social involvement.
  • Provide a safe and stable work environment for all our team members through the dedication of competent, responsible leadership.
  • Maintain a position of strength in all aspects within our industry, and to share our mutual success with our team members and shareholders.

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50 Cherry Blossom Way, Troy, MO 63379

(636) 462-5200

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